Campagna comunicazione Sardegna Volleyball Challenge


Arrival: MontenegroNational Team
Dinner at the hotel


Morning – Montenegro: Torregrande Beach or Swimming pool at the  hotel or training
Lunch at the hotel
Afternoon: Torregrande Beach or swimming pool in the hotel or training
Arrival Delegations: Russia National Team, Sg Rotation Berlin
Montenegro: Pizzeria Oasi  Restaurants – Torre Grande

Russia, Sg Rotation Berlin dinner at the hotel


10.00 am. Competitions
Lunch at the hotel

Arrival Delegations: Tent Obrenovac and Pallavolo Don Colleoni
6.00 pm Competitions:    Tent Obrenovac – Pallavolo Don Colleoni
9.30 pm Dinner Pizzeria Oristano for all foreign teams + Gymland + Don Colleoni

FRIDAY June 22

10.00 am. Competitions
12:30 Presentation of all the teams (all athletes wear uniforms for representation).

Meeting with the main authorities in Piazza Eleonora – Oristano(Mayors and Council Members of Oristano, Cabras and Marrubiu)
13.30 Lunch at the hotel
3.00 pm Excursion:  S’Archittu Beach
6.00 pm Match: Don Colleoni  – Tent Obrenovac (Serbia)
9.30 pm Gala Dinner at Restaurant “Da Renzo”

All athletes wear uniforms for representation

Tributes to the Foreigner Teams and Don Colleoni delegations

Tambourines and Trumpeters of Sartiglia – Video screening of the Province of Oristano
01.00 am Disco

“Beach Bar” Torre Grande


8.30 Excursion: Visit to the Museum of Cabras, Giants of Monte Prama – Is Aruttas Beach

1.30 pm All Delegation: Lunch in the Hotel
Montenegro: 1.30 pm Lunch at the Restaurant Oasi – Torregrande
5.00 pm 1st semifinal
7.30 pm 2nd semifinal
9.30 pm Dinner at “Sa Pischiera e Mari Pontis” Restaurant  (all delegations)

SUNDAY 24 June

10.00 am Final 1st – 2nd place
12.30 pm Team Awards
3.00 pm Excursion: San Giovanni Beach, Sinis Peninsula and Tharros Ruins

9.00 pm Dinner at the hotel
11.00 pm Oristano by night

MONDAY June 25

Departure delegations

Sg Rotation Berlino, Montenegro National Team,  Pallavolo Don Colleoni, Tent Obrenovac

SG Rotation Prenziaver    3.30 am Departure Hotel               Flight 06:20

Montenegro National Team    4. 30 am Departure Hotel         Flight 07:30

Don Colleoni     7.30 am   Departure Hotel        Flight 10:30

Tent Obrenovac    17.30   DepartureHotel  Flight 20:50

Russia National Team and Tent Obrenovac

10.00 am Excursion: Mal di Ventre Island or Sa Rocca Tunda Beach
2.00 pm: Packed Lunch

9.00 pm Dinner at the Hotel Russia National Team

TUESDAY  June 26

10.00 am Departure Hotel Russia National Team      Flight 15.00

Hotels and Rooming

Russia National Team, Montenegro National Team, Pallavolo Don Colleoni:

Mistral 2  Oristano

Montenegro: Grantorre Hotel – Torregrande:

Sg Rotation Berlino and Sardinian Representative: Hostel Rodia – Oristano

Quadrifoglio Portotorres: Villa delle Rose Hotel – Oristano

Volleyball Courts:

Palestra Tharros – Oristano

Palestra Grazia Deledda– Oristano

Palestra comunale – Cabras

Palestra comunale – Marrubiu


Remember your swimming costumes, your beach towel and a high sun protection film during your excursions on the beach.

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